Did you know we offer a tailored accountancy and tax service for SMEs?

We recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach may not work for owners of smaller businesses whose needs for support with various aspects of taxation and accounts may vary from month to month.

SMEs can also require a more proactive service that helps them plan ahead for their tax liabilities and explore ways of mitigating these.

In addition, we’ve found that SME owners prefer a fixed fee structure that allows them to manage their cash flow better. For many smaller businesses, being able to budget accurately is preferable to getting a one-off bill at the end of the tax year, the amount of which can often be difficult to predict. Having a set fee each month can be particularly important for businesses that continue to experience challenging times.

LP Connect was created to meet these needs. It is designed to be a flexible, tailored service that is particularly useful to owners of start-ups and small to medium businesses.

A proactive approach to accounting

Delivered on a fixed fee basis, LP Connect takes a more personalised and proactive approach to accounting. It creates a closer relationship between ourselves and our clients, meaning we can provide the right support at the right time to enable businesses to grow.

LP Connect also reflects our general company approach to actively helping clients, building strong and trusted relationships, and delivering outstanding customer service.

For an affordable monthly fixed fee, clients can access whichever of our services they need in any particular month. Our services cover accountancy, business tax, personal tax, VAT, payroll administration and tax planning. We check in regularly with each client to find out how things are going and advise on what elements of accounting and tax need to be focused on at that particular time.

LP Connect uses the expertise of our whole Lithgow Perkins team, led by our partners, tax, audit and business consultancy specialist Tom Rhodes, and Tom Lowry, who specialises in tax and VAT.

While supporting SMEs, LP Connect has also proved popular among the younger generation of our clients, whatever the size of their business, because it is a largely digital service. Advances in real-time information now mean that we are able to provide regular, accurate and timely updates on a business’s financial position. We can also assist with planning, forecasting and advice on how best to manage finances.

In addition, LP Connect fits nicely with HMRC’s move towards ‘Making Tax Digital’, simplifying and speeding up the whole process of tax and accounting management.

We are genuinely interested in our clients’ businesses and there’s no greater pleasure for our team than helping with their investment and growth. Do get in touch if you are the owner of an SME and would like to take advantage of our tailored accountancy service. Find out more on the LP Connect website.