Tax investigations

The thought of a tax investigation into their personal or business affairs fills most people with dread. Therefore a key part of our role is to reassure our clients and remove the stress from the process.

It is our job to liaise with you and the taxman to make sure he conducts the enquiry within the procedural rules and that you pay the right amount of tax. Understanding the process of an investigation and how the taxman works in practice is as important to settling an enquiry as knowledge of the tax laws themselves.

Many investigations result in no further tax being payable but where there has been a default (innocent or otherwise) you need someone to negotiate any settlement and ensure the taxman only collects the tax he is entitled to.

We can also organise tax investigation insurance to cover the professional costs of defending your position.

Our services include assistance with:

  • personal self assessment enquiries
  • corporation tax self assessment enquiries
  • PAYE investigation and status enquiries
  •  VAT inspections

If you are facing an enquiry, and feel you want someone who is on your side to help, please contact Robert Horner, at  or call Robert on 01423 564446

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