Annual accounts

Many business no longer require an annual audit but every business needs to prepare accounts each year – either because of Company Act requirements or because they are required to support the entries on their tax return.

If you are company director, you have a statutory duty to prepare accounts that comply with the accounting requirements of the Companies Acts and the numerous Accounting Standards that are currently in force. If you run an unincorporated business you must still comply with the statutory rules because the tax laws say you must.

However, our service is not just about helping you comply with statutory requirements. There is a more important aspect to our service and that is the more interesting job of working out what your accounts numbers really mean to you and the business. We also think about the effect they have on potential investors, finance sources, creditors, suppliers and others. We give a great deal of thought to presenting your accounts in the best possible light to improve your future business prospects.

Because we think understanding and interpreting your accounts is so important, we like to meet face to face to discuss your accounts in detail and talk about where your business is now and where it is going.

We have a great deal of experience is assessing the accounting and management information that a given business requires. As part of the accounts process we will recommend improvements where they are cost effective and appropriate to help you monitor your business performance.

We also offer quarterly/monthly bookkeeping, VAT compliance and management accounting services for those who want day to day help with their accounting needs.

If you want to find out more about our annual accounts service and how it may work for you, please contact Robert Poole, our office manager at or call Robert on 01423 564446

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