We take pride in always trying to offer our clients the best possible service and to offer additional products which help compliment our overall service.  

We are delighted to be able to now offer a cloud based bookkeeping system to our clients. Over the past few years we have looked at a number of different web based systems but have always felt they were expensive and not as good as traditional bookkeeping software.  

However, having tried and tested this new software extensively we are convinced we have found the right product to offer our clients. 

The advantages of using cloud based software are:
  • We are able to see your data throughout the year and can assist you straight away with any queries
  • The system links directly with the Government Gateway, so submission of your VAT return is just the push of a button
  • Sales invoices can be customised with your business logo and emailed direct to your customers
  • Your business bank account and business credit cards link securely to the software making reconciling the bank simple
  • You can access your account anywhere that you have access to the internet
If you would like more information please contact Robert Poole on 01423 564446 or email Robert at robert.poole@lithgow-perkins.co.uk.

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