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In many ways the world is becoming more impersonal. We hear large companies speak about customer service but they condemn us to frustrating conversations with call centre employees who, it seems, often can’t help and don’t really care.

Contrast that approach with the typical family company. You obtain a personal service from a business that is committed to developing long term relationships with their customers. You will often deal with one of the proprietors. If you are not looked after by the owner of the business, it is highly likely that you will be looked after by a member of staff who is known personally to the owner and who appreciates that the success of the business depends on providing a dependable service.

We know this because, as an independent general practice firm of accountants we are privileged to act for many family businesses – large and small. We can see the commitment that our clients give to their customers and their business. We also know this because Lithgow Perkins LLP is driven by its owners – the partners – who care deeply about our reputation and the personal service we offer. We also have a committed team of staff who work closely with our clients and share the partners’ ethos.

We all face more and more regulation in both our business and private lives. It seems that hardly a day goes by without someone falling foul of some obscure piece of legislation or another and facing a fine, penalty or other sanction.

On a personal and business level, we all need help to steer a course through the red tape that surrounds us.

In business you need to make sure deadlines aren’t missed, that tax saving opportunities are identified and that you comply with all the other tax and accounting regulations. Our aim is to take these worries from you – whether you are just starting in business or whether you have many years of experience. You need to concentrate on running your business – not keeping the authorities happy!

On a personal level you need to make sure you are maximising your assets and minimising your liabilities and that H M Revenue & Customs have no reason to complain about your tax affairs. You also want to make sure you can do all you can for your dependents.

Our aim is to combine technical ability with a friendly, personal service. Our role is to watch out for you and help you fulfil your responsibilities.

To get a flavour of what we can do for you, please see our list of Services and please feel free to call or email any of our partners or staff for a chat or to arrange a free initial meeting.

We look forward to meeting you.

New partners Tom Lowry and Tom Rhodes

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Introducing our expert team with notes on their particular skills and experience.