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All business need to record their accounting transactions during the year to comply with the Taxes Acts. Larger business need to prepare quarterly or monthly VAT returns based on their accounting transactions during the relevant period. Well kept and up to date accounting records are essential to the running of any business and good records are vital to protect you from any unforeseen additional tax that may arise as a result of a tax investigation or VAT Inspection.

Keeping accurate, up to date records is a burden for any business. Where this task falls to the owner manager, it is also a distraction from getting on with running your business. For larger clients, you may wish to save costs by using us to outsource your accounting function. Outsourcing your bookkeeping to us also means you are not relying on any one individual who may be absent due to holiday or sickness.

Our fully computerised bookkeeping and VAT service is designed to give you confidence that your accounting records and VAT are up to date so that you can concentrate on business strategy. In addition we can also produce regular management accounts based on our bookkeeping work.

We have a dedicated bookkeeping department that can help in the following ways:

  • reminding you of deadlines and requesting information in good time
  • processing payments, receipts purchases and sales invoices
  • preparing sales/ purchase ledgers / preparing VAT returns
  • assisting with invoicing and payments
  • assisting with VAT inspections

VAT Inspections can be stressful and time consuming. Where we prepare clients VAT returns, VAT Inspections are usually carried out on our premises and initial queries can usually be cleared up by our staff. This saves you the time and trouble of dealing with the VAT Inspectors yourself and usually ensures that inspections are completed quickly with minimal or no adjustments.

Rather than hand your bookkeeping over to us perhaps you would prefer to complete the bookkeeping yourself if so we will support you with this whenever necessary. If you are new to bookkeeping we can offer a number of different solutions to suit your needs from simple spreadsheets to our cloud based bookkeeping offering.

If you want to find out more about our bookkeeping and VAT return service and how it may work for you, please contact Sara Horbury at  or call on 01423 564446

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