The past couple of months have been unlike anything that any of us have experienced before. We’ve all had our own personal and professional challenges to deal with, while trying to keep up with what has sometimes seemed to be ever-changing guidance from the Government.

Here at Lithgow Perkins, we’ve been extremely busy supporting our clients through this difficult time. It’s been more important than ever for us to keep in touch regularly with everyone and to reassure them that we are working in the best interests of their business.

Our aim has been to use our expertise in all areas of finance, taxation and cash flow management to help ensure the short-term and long-term viability of our clients’ businesses. As trusted accountants with many long-term clients, we are best placed to assess the financial impact of the lockdown on their businesses. We have been doing all we can to help owners mitigate the effects of the coronavirus crisis by minimising losses, preparing for future recovery and accessing new opportunities.

Because our staff are used to processing information in a skilled and efficient way, we have been able to react quickly, often in rapidly changing circumstances, to changes in legislation, taxation and financial support from the Government. This has enabled us to communicate new, updated and relevant information to our clients in a fast, accurate and simple-to-understand manner, using regular email updates as well as working with individual business owners on specific matters affecting them.

We’ve been offering clarity and help regarding the different types of financial support available to our clients and the implications that each one would have on their business’s finances and operations. We’ve helped them to access the appropriate support at the right time, working with them to submit the correct information to HMRC to enable grants, funding and income to be accessed as quickly as possible.

As a well-established accountancy practice with a strong team and a robust infrastructure, Lithgow Perkins has been well-equipped to carry on with ‘business as usual’, with our staff adapting well to working remotely. Instead of face-to-face meetings, we’ve been available by Skype, email or telephone for our clients. This has provided not just reassurance to our clients but has also allowed us to resolve any issues quickly, which has been particularly crucial with regard to short-term cash flow and employee security.

With guidelines and support still changing, and as restrictions begin to ease, we continue to work with our clients as we all take gradual steps back to some kind of normality.

Please do remember we’re here for you, and don’t hesitate to contact us for information and support.