Nobody likes to think about what happens when we reach the end of our lives. It’s an uncomfortable subject, but planning during your life can make the burden of dealing with your finances easier for your loved ones.

Although you may have a will in place, there is much more you can do now to maximise the financial legacy you will leave behind.

At Lithgow Perkins, our Harrogate probate and inheritance tax specialists Robert Horner and Joe Taylor (pictured) can help with all aspects of inheritance tax planning and assist in obtaining probate.

They can:

  • help to arrange your financial affairs to maximise the amount left to your beneficiaries
  • help avoid costly oversights
  • work alongside the executors of the will obtain probate
  • act as executors where requested

Robert and Joe are experienced in supporting families following the death of a loved one. They work alongside the executor of the will to ensure the wishes contained within it are fulfilled as quickly as possible.

To put your loved ones in the best possible position, we can also work with you and your family in advance to make sure your financial arrangements match up with the legal measures you put in place, so that they can have the benefit of your hard work and generosity for years to come.

When people think about what will happen to their possessions when they die, their first thought is often to make a will – and naturally, they contact a solicitor. While this is always a good idea, there are other considerations to take into account.

Inheritance tax legislation changes happen regularly and can mean that, particularly if your will has been in place for some time, it’s no longer sufficient to ensure your next of kin can get the best from what you leave them.

The truth is that the earlier you put everything in place, the easier things are – and the more choice you have. You can ensure your finances are set up in the way that will gain you and your family the most benefit in the long term.

Robert and Joe can help you to ensure that you maximise the legacy you leave behind by putting your finances in order and making sure they are in line with your wishes. Our knowledge of the taxation system, and the options available to suit different needs, means we have helped many of our clients to avoid costly oversights already.

Lithgow Perkins have been trusted chartered accountants in Harrogate for over 60 years. If you’d like to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is in order should the worst happen, we’re here to help.

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