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Tony Hallinan

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Tony Hallinan - Consultant

I have been with Lithgow Perkins LLP since leaving education and in that time I have seen
many changes in the business environment. As anyone who runs a business at the sharp end knows, nothing can or does stay the same. This firm, together with its clients, has had to adapt to both the changing requirements of the market and an ever more complex regulatory environment.

However, what has remained constant is the ethos of this firm. We have always aimed to provide comprehensive practical advice in a professional friendly manner.

As the pace of change becomes faster and the agencies of government become more demanding, we can help by making sure you fulfil all your statutory duties in terms of tax and accounts.  We can assist you with your annual accounts and annual tax compliance. In addition, we can also take away the monthly /quarterly burden of bookkeeping and VAT returns from you.

One of the key changes that I have seen in my time at Lithgow Perkins LLP is the introduction of VAT. As a consequence, I have advised on matters connected with this tax from its inception. VAT planning is an important service that we offer and there is no more important area to get right than land and property transactions.

If you want to know more about me or Lithgow Perkins LLP or anything connected with the above, please call me on 01423 564446 or email me at tony.hallinan@lithgow-perkins.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you.